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Nothing To Declare 


Two men and a woman are forced to flee their country and end up together in the cargo hold of a truck heading for Europe.
During their bizarre journey they share their stories, hopes and dreams. Moments of friendship, warmth and intimacy come together with the horrible reality. In this twilight zone between a new and an old existence, the question is whether they will reach their final destination.

The story of Nothing to Declare is inspired by the life stories of Khales Warrak, Rama Taher and Yazan Al-Hakim, who also play the leading roles in the film.

produced by BIND Film/July Film/

Tessa Beijer

director Hetty de Kruijf

production design Robert van der Hoop

cinematography Aziz Al-Dilaimi

sound recording Matthijs Klijn

Brandon Grötzinger

sound design Jelle van Osenbruggen

re-recording mixer Michel Schöpping

film editor Erik ten Brinke

original music Thomas Goralski

Winner Hollywood Silver Screen Prize 2018

Official Dutch entry for the Oscars 2019

Selected for the Golden Calf Competition Best Short Film - Netherlands Film Festival 2018

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