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MFG is the musical collaboration of guitarist Nico Maas, saxophonist Gemma Farrell, and pianist Thomas Goralski. The name MFG acts as an abbreviation for their surnames, as well as the German greeting,

Mit freundlichen Grüßen (with friendly greetings).

saxophone Gemma Farrell

guitar Nico Maas

piano Thomas Goralski

  • Bandcamp - Schwarzer Kreis

The three musicians, originally from Germany (Maas and Goralski) and Australia (Farrell), met at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam in 2010 where they studied their Bachelor and Master of Music degrees. Here they collaborated together on many projects, including the Gemma Farrell Group, the Monday Quartet, and Say What?! In June 2013, they each graduated from CvA and knew this would mean that they would soon part ways.

They were however determined that this would not mean the end of their work together. It was on the way back to the train station after a gig in Haarlem, a few days before Farrell flew home to Perth, that they formed the idea for MFG. A band that would see Maas, Farrell and Goralski as the composers, touring and collaborating with local musicians (on double bass and drums) and releasing live recordings.

This exciting new album, funded mostly by the audiences of their August '14 Australian tour, is the first in what they plan on being a series of live recordings, the next one planned for Germany. They are joined by two of Brisbane's finest, Joshua Hatcher on double bass and Nathan Goldman on drums. The recording features the best tracks from their show at the Brisbane Jazz Club and includes a mix of various styles of jazz, showing each composer's broad range of influences.


The band are extremely proud to present this debut album to you and hope you will enjoy this, and many more of their albums to come.

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