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Life is built by choices. No matter how big or small, how simple or tough; they will shape you and will irreversibly change your live.


These choices, their motivation and their effect, etch inside your brain. You’ll never forget the decisions you’ve made. Would you‘ve changed your decisions if you could? How do these recollections of the past, affect your future path?

This was the jumping-off point for a short film we made, called Memoria. Memoria was selected as Vimeo Staff Pick and consequently gained international media coverage by sites and magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Konbini, and LA Times. It was selected for multiple film festivals and received more than 500.000 views online.

director Jurriaan Kamps

producer Jort Wildschut

cinematography Martijn Melis

sound design Joep Meijburg

film editor Jurriaan Kamps

original music Thomas Goralski

  • Vimeo - Grau Kreis
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