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"God created mankind, now let me make you a man" - Mirte van Wijngaarden

Over the course of 2016 my team and I created the ‘Genesis’ brand movie for one of Holland’s most promising and upcoming talents in the world of high end fashion, Mirte van Wijngaarden.

A team of 25 people worked day and night to realise the ‘Genesis’ commercial, inspired by the Bible's story of creation. The objective of the ‘Genesis’ film was to capture the essence of Mirte’s brand values, rough material based clothing designed to only be worn by real men.

The award winning menswear fashion designer has shown her collections at diverse platforms with the likes of the highly anticipated and valued catwalk of ‘The Amsterdam Fashion Week’.

produced by Robin Piree & Nadjim Tsouli

director Robin Piree

concept Robin Piree & Ashar Medina

cinematography Aziz Al-Dilaimi

film editor Robin Piree

sound design & mix Tom Jansen

original music Thomas Goralski

Winner Best Commercial - Christian Film Festival

Winner Best Director - Christian Film Festival


Official Selection Brussel International Film Festival

Official Selection Mexico Fashion Film Festival

Official Selection Chicago Fashion Film Festival

Winner Debut Best Commercial -

Calcutta International Cult Film Festival

Winner Best Writer - Christian Film Festiva


Official Selection London Fashion Film Festival

Official Selection Berlin Fashion Film Festival

Official Selection Copenhagen Fashion Film Festiva


Official Selection Illinois Independent Film Festi


Winner Best Cinematography - Christian Film Festival

Nominee Best Director - Porto Fashion Film Festiva

Official Selection Miami Short International Cinefest

Official Selection California Indie Film Festival

Official Selection Buenos Aires Internationnal Fashion Film Festiva

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